Volunteer Roster

Oct, 2013
Founder, Developer
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Volunteer Roster

Founder, Developer


Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Mailgun, Twilio, Stripe, Digital Ocean

One of my first jobs out of school was as the Sailing Administrator at Royal Brighton Yacht club, where I was responsible for running many of the club regattas, including state and national.

The largest pain points that emerged from my time in this role was the need to manage and communicate with many Volunteers at once. Especially over the course of an active regatta - where safety boats and radio towers all need to work in unison.

To address this need, I took the initiative of creating a platform that I called Volunteer Roster. A system for handling registrations, documentation, and communication with a large number of volunteers at once.

Volunteer Roster is now used by many Yacht Club around Australia, and progress on its 5th major update is underway.