Jun, 2019
Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Backend Developer



Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Backend Developer


VueJS, NuxtJS, Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Mailgun, Stripe, PayPal, POLi, Terraform, Amazon Web Services

My role

My primary role on Fliteboard was as the Solutions Architect. After multiple client workshops it became clear that we had to develop a custom solution to deliver on the unique requirements that Fliteboard, and designing that system was my responsibility.

I lead the project from a technical perspective, and developed the infrastructure, pipeline, and backend with multiple payment gateways and a fully unit tested API. The solution was then deployed in the form of a statically compiled frontend, and an autoscaling backend deployed to AWS.

The project

Early in 2019, Fliteboard received a large round of funding, and with millions in presales, there was not yet a framework to build and deliver products at scale. My team at B.B.E was engaged to develop an ecommerce solution that would fulfill on pre-sales, for a market launch in 90 days.

From brief to market launch, the site was completely rebuilt and launched with global shipping and online sales in 13 regions.

With a complex product structure comprised of 9 individual components from a pool of 20+ components, which in turn are each constructed from 100+ units, there were 672 individual SKUs for each possible product bundle.

To solve this, I designed and implemented a solution in which products could be effectively tracked by their components, but purchased as a single configurable product by the customer.

This reduction in inventory management overheard contributed to successfully forecasting sales and reducing lead time on orders from 3 months to 6 weeks.

The results

  • Rolled out to 13 regions
  • On track to realise $17m in year 1 sales
  • 175% increased revenue
  • 426% increase in traffic
  • 4901 assertions across 169 automated unit tests, covering all aspects of the API
  • Reduction of server response time from 4-8 seconds, down to .0002 seconds, with automated and scalable hosting