Concept Store Touchscreen

Dec, 2018
Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Backend Developer
Concept Store Touchscreen



Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Backend Developer


VueJS, NuxtJS, Laravel, MySQL, Ubuntu, Digital Ocean

My role

My role on this project was as the technical lead, solutions architect, and backend developer. I managed all of the the data, hardware, and systems integrations - ensuring that data from the backend systems I built flowed directly through to the frontend of the app.

I provisioned customised OSs on touch screen hardware, and created backend systems for delivering updates, so that the app could operate offline in the unpredictable environments of the concept stores.

The project

Working with Specsavers we set out to develop a digital in store experience that would give both customers and store staff a point of interest and convergence.

The solution

Research identified that the volume of product in store was often overwhelming. To tackle a solution a touch screen app was designed to supplement a reduced number of SKUs on shelf - minimising clutter, without losing the ability to up-sell or cross sell.

Touch and gesture enabled, the touch screen allowed customers to search based on face shape, brand, colour, and price range to see products from all angles.

The devices could be deployed to any store where they would sync down changes to both code and products, and then operate in a completely offline fashion - Reporting tracking events when a connection is successfully reestablished.

The results

  • Successful pilot in concept stores
  • Roll out across a number of pop-up stores
  • 1000s of products sampled across a range of brands and price ranges
  • Improving dwell time without impacting retail staff requirements