Oct, 2017
Solutions Architect, Developer
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Roadshow Films


Solutions Architect, Developer


Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Amazon Web Services

My role

Over the course of the BotBuster project, I was responsible for the complete development pipeline and infrastructure of the solution. I leveraged the chat framework I developed for Qantas, and deployed it with the same battle test hosting configuration.

I was involved directly with stakeholders at all stages of the project, from the initial proposal to backlog development and presentations.

The project

The project came about when Roadshow Films proposed the use of Facebook Messenger as a strategic opportunity. We responded with an idea for a bot that lets people and groups book movies - all within Messenger.

Buster is able to handle millions of interactions simultaneously, with the ability to find any movie session at any cinema in Australia. People can invite friends to the discussion and Buster will asynchronously facilitate the conversation between them to arrive at a session everyone can attend.

The results

  • 20 average interactions each
  • 30+ individual titles with a dedicated BotBuster campaign
  • 50k+ individual conversations have been had increased conversion comparative to non-Messenger campaigns