Live Better

Jun, 2018
Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Developer
VueReactLaravelSalesforceDockerGoogle cloud
Live Better



Tech Lead, Solutions Architect, Developer


VueJS, React, Laravel, Redis, MySQL, HubSpot, Salesforce, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Google Cloud

My role

Over the course of this project I have been responsible for all hosting and backend systems. I built the initial frontend - then lead it's continued development as it evolved.

What initially started as a simple project on VPS hosting, grew to a complex architecture deployed to a Kubernetes cluster that I managed and provisioned with Terraform. As well as a backend I integrated with internal Medibank systems.

The project

In 2020 and beyond, Live Better is Medibank's primary go-to-market proposition. It's a project I've been working on at B.B.E since its beginnings, and is now the unifying platform from which communications stems.

Project 1 - Health Brief

The road to Live Better starts with creation of a new content marketing site; Medibank Health Brief. Created in React, the site pulled content from WordPress over the API to deliver a dynamic and responsive experience to all user.

Health Brief became an expansive and trusted resource to support Australians in preventative and restorative health.

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Project 2 - School of Better

In the same year as Health Brief, we also launched School of Better, a custom built learning management system which provided people with in depth learning experiences on psychology, nutrition and physical health.

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Project 3 - Live Better

Continuing the headless API driven approach from Health Brief, Live Better was built with VueJS in the frontend, Contentful powering the content management system, and Laravel providing backend microservices and utilities.

Live Better combined Medibank's 3 disparate marketing platforms into one. With everything now connected through Salesforce and other technologies, it quickly became the backbone of marketing automation for Medibank.

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  • Target audience increased in traffic from 8% to 15%
  • The site became responsible for 5% of online transaction revenue within 2 months since launch
  • Increased mobile views by 15% and tablet views by 2%

Continuous development

Every second person who joined Medibank had previously engaged with Live Better - it had become an incredibly powerful product, so development continued in order to refine the site and expand the proposition beyond its current properties.

Live Better became the platform for much of Medibank's work, with campaigns such as Free + Active, Procedures Cost Estimator, People Like You, and Healthy Kids being created on it.

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With dramatic increases in demand, I migrated Live Better's hosting to its own Kubernetes Cluster. This large autoscaling cluster now hosts all of the microservices and campaigns related to Live Better.

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Live Better App

In parallel to the previous years of work on Live Better, a team at Medibank was working on a loyalty program to help promote healthy behaviour, in the form of the Live Better app.

We worked alongside this team to utilise the headless approach we developed, and deliver content straight from the Live Better site into the Live Better App.