Concierge Bot

May, 2017
Solutions Architect, Developer
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Concierge Bot



Solutions Architect, Developer


Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Amazon Web Services

My role

As the sole developer and solutions architect - I was responsible for all data, integrations, backend development, and infrastructure.

This being the early days of messenger bots; I developed a custom framework that fully integrated the bot with Qantas' social customer service platform (Lexer). This framework delivered on Qantas' bespoke needs in an environment where comms can be critical and challenging.

In order to act as the gatekeeper to all communications that flow through Facebook Messenger - the infrastructure I created was subject to rigorous testing. Kill switches were built into the bot to deactivate it in emergency, and significant load testing and penetration testing activities were undertaken.

The project

The Qantas Concierge Bot was created as part of a strategy to utilise Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel, while also automating basic enquiries.

We recognise that different people want to communicate with us in different ways. With over 15 million people on Facebook in Australia, growing our presence with the social networking service makes sense

The solution

The Qantas Concierge Bot was built to provide a convenient and useful tool that sits complementary to Qantas customer service agents. By using set keywords and natural language, it helped consumers with basic queries, flight deals, and introduced them to new destinations from Qantas Travel Insider content.

The results

  • Market specific bots launched in Australia, UK, USA, and Hong Kong
  • 1m+ interactions
  • 20k+ people visited booking pages from bot